This Isn't Over

We have all become enraged. Enraged enough to sign petitions, call politicians and donate to fundraisers. Enraged enough to truly join the resistance!

This is the beauty of our society. If we are not satisfied with the way that something is being handled, we can speak up. We can use our voice to make our concerns known.

May I encourage you to get involved in one step further? The #BringWidleneHome journey was compelling and it was heartbreaking. But please know that we, as a family, and under the strict advice of our legal team, could only reveal so much. We could not necessarily tell whole truths for fear that it would jeopardize Widlene’s chances of getting to Canada. At times we were muzzled by our own government and threatened with the rejection of Widlene’s file if we talked. At other times we weren’t ready to give full credence to the emotional toll that the campaign and its continual setbacks had taken on us.

But we owe it to ourselves to tell the whole story. We owe it to you to expose the truths of the abuse that our government inflicted on its people.

Stateless: The Story Behind the Story follows the harrowing #BringWidleneHome journey that we were on together for the past three years. A deeper look into the emotional state of a family being beaten and battered by their own government.

Stateless no longer means speechless. It is time to send a clear message that these abuses are never okay!

Please, join us. Pre order your book today. The Kickstarter Campaign ends at the end of April. The project must meet its target by that date for the book production to continue.

It's Time!

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