Stateless Book Official Launch

Since June 2017, you have likely seen thousands of posts from Nikki and I as well as numerous other people in support of bringing Widlene to Canada. Although I have been admonished on numerous occasions for my aggressive style and combative approach, rest assured that the version of updates that you have been watching and reading has been heavily tempered. No matter how much our words have angered and saddened you, please know that what you are seeing and hearing is still only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Today is the day that we start talking about the rest of the iceberg.

We have been considering writing this book for what seems like forever. We have been gathering information and doing the appropriate research quietly in the background. Emails and texts have been saved, and thousands of phone calls recorded and transcribed. Everyone, from CBC to the National Post, from a casual observer to a Federal Court Judge, knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Widlene has been treated unfairly by the Canadian government. Everyone knows that she, amongst thousands of others, has been abused by the racist legislations of the Dominican government. Make no mistake, all of those details will be revealed.


Government lies and corruption are not the compelling core of this story.

Behind all of the legislation, bureaucracy and government minutia, lies a family. A collection of real people trying to live real lives. Although some of the updates have played out like a TV drama, those involved still have to wake up to a living hell the next morning.

That is the real “Story behind the Story.”

How does a young child emotionally deal with continued rejection from multiple countries?

How does a step mom, and new mom, handle the turmoil of a family that is never all in one place?

How does a father handle the responsibility of protecting his family and the guilt of knowing that he is simply falling short?

Pull back the curtain and see the real collateral damage of elected leaders who have lost touch with the people that they have been elected to serve.

STATELESS: The Story Behind the Story

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