MLK, I hear you.

I woke up this morning with a burning desire deep within my soul to give up. Not because I wanted to but because I truly felt like I just didn't have anything left to give.

The past three years have been nothing short of extremely difficult mentally, emotionally, and physically. We have fought battles, beg and pleaded, risked it all and still have yet to accomplish our ultimate goal. Don't get me wrong, I am eternally grateful for the people that have come into our lives and have stood by our sides. You have been there day in and day out, on our symbolic battlefield but each day brings a new level of stress, disappointment or heartbreak. The ever mounting pressure feels insurmountable most days and the little glimmers of hope we have had a long the way may have take more of a toll on us than we even realize. For three years we've been on a drastic emotional rollercoaster of optimism followed by the sharp fall of defeat.

Today I thought I couldn't fight any longer. I then read a post from a friend about Dr Martin Luther King Jr and his words hit me like a ton of bricks.

"A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right. A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice. A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true."

-Martin Luther King Jr., March 8, 1965.

In that exact moment it struck me, I can not give up. There is no stopping. I will fight today, tomorrow and every single day that follows that, if I have to. Every hardship we have faced will be brought to light. Every injustice will be revealed. The abuse of powers will not go unchecked and those that have intentionally done wrong will be held responsible.

My heart and head suddenly became overwhelmed with clarity. MLK talked often about fighting for equality, especially for those of color, fighting for what's right and my every day has become just that. This is what I am here to do, right here, right now. I am lucky enough to have a voice and I will not let them intimidate us.

"Now let us maintain unity."

-Martin Luther King Jr., I Have Been to the Mountain Top, April 3, 1968.

It is no coincidence that Luther, Widlene's baby brother, was named Luther. It took a dark day within my own head to remind myself that together we will stand up and fight, fight for what we all know is right.

MLK, I hear you. World, now you will hear me!

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