9 of 10 - The Final Lie

This episode doesn't need to be long. It is actually very simple. Below is a "passport" application that IRCC recently provided. There are a thoudsand proofs that it is fraudulent and that they actually produced it but I will stick to the two easiest ones.

Just a couple of items to point out and I will leave this one alone....

1. When this application was supposedly submitted, Widlene would have been four. Pretty nice cursive signature for a four year old I would say. Maybe she is a savant and learned cursive early and just accidentially put the names backwards. Let's let this one slide and ignore the fact that we have photos of her time stamped for this date, 600km away from this passport office and in a different country.

2. More importantly and not known to most, this was not Widlene's name at this time. The Haitian spelling of her first name is "Roodline." That is the name that her mother gave her. After we adopted her, we changed the spelling to something a little easier to transition to English... "Widlene." If IRCC's claims are correct, they would, again, need a time machine to move to the future and anticipate what we were going to call her.

3. This one is old news but, as you can imagine, that picture had not yet been taken. So... time machine again.

These lies are so far beyond ridiculous that it is almost embarrasing that these clowns are in charge of anything.

Hussen got pissed.

Hussen lied.

Hussen got caught.

Hussen tried to cover with more lies.

Hussen committed fraud.

Hussen will go down for this.

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