The Email Heard Around The World 7 and 8 of 10

For this volume, I decided to combine 7 and 8 and step back and take a broader look at just how large this deception has gone. In order to understand this, you first need to understand a little jurisdictional delineation.

Immigration is a federal matter. Yes, each provincial government has an immigration department, but ultimately, visas, permits and citizenships are handed out by the federal government. All of this, of course, falls under the scope of the Minister of Immigration. In our case, the majority of our issues have come during the tenure of the one and only Ahmed Hussen.

Adoption, on the other hand is a provincial issue. Every province has a department of family services (or similar name) that governs adoptions. In a perfect world, the province would approve an international adoption and then the federal government would use that approval as a big part of approving the entrance visa.

Issues can arise when one of these two entities steps outside their assigned process and starts doing the job of the other. It gets even more sticky when a mistake is made and everyone wants to blame someone else. CYA (cover your ass) mode is a real thing in government circles.

Two different branches of government trying to fight over who made the mistake…. What could possibly go wrong?

For this episode, we will take a closer look at the alleged “verification” of the fake Haitian documents that was supposedly done by the Haitian government. We will also uncover another very substantial lie that was used to cover up the fact that this verification never actually happened. And finally, we will ask two very important questions that have never been answered.

Step 1 - The Verification

The head of Ontario’s “Ministry of Child and Youth Services” (at least at the time of our application) was a lady named Theressa Mills. Some people take positions like this one to help families go through the process of adoption. Others get into it to make a power grab and believe that it is their responsibility to tell families all the reasons why they cannot adopt. In a few minutes you can decide which one Ms. Mills is.

In 2017, we began to speak with Mills about redoing our home study. This was all because IRCC was about to grant us a Visa. This order came from Trudeau, to Hussen and was communicated to us through Lisa Cheskes. All that Mills was asked to do was to reopen the home study file. While doing that, she had a question about Widlene’s nationality. Although the federal government was satisfied with the fact that Widlene was in fact stateless, Mills would not let it go. Here is an email from her and my reply on the topic.

If you can dig past the sarcasm and disdain in my response, you should be able to see that I clearly said DO NOT contact either government with this file as it would expose us to danger.

From the next email, you can clearly see that she ignored my request and all privacy laws and she went ahead and shared our file with Haiti and DR governments.

Yup ... not much mistaking that. She clearly admits that they did EXACTLY what I asked them not to. After four Dominican Police officers arrested me and beat the shit out of me, I wondered how Mills would react to the fact that she shared all of our private info with the most racist government in the modern era. In fact, CityNews also wondered that so they also reached out to Theressa. Here is what she sent me 20 minutes after CityNews contacted her.

So she did it…. Then she didn’t do it. So the final word from Mills was that she didn’t reach out to Haiti or DR to verify that the Haitian Birth Certificate was real.

But Wait…. That cannot possibly work, can it?

Because if no one actually “verified” that the Birth Certificate was real, Hussen and IRCC have absolutely no case, right? So, did they verify or didn’t they. Based on the cracked ribs and broken teeth, I would say that someone definitely called someone in the Dominican government, but maybe that is just my “imagination.”

Hang on. I would think that the Federal court case would require the truth about this “verification” process. Right? They are claiming that the docs were indeed verified. Now that we have established that Theressa Mills is a pathological liar, we need to see what that means for court.

Step 2 - Access to Information

As a part of our court preparation, we had the court order that IRCC provide all communication regarding the file. If I were to list all of the lies and deception that we discovered, I would be typing until Widlene starts university. That being said, I would like to feature one email that seems to tell a very interesting story.

Now that you have read this email and familiarized yourself with its contents, lets see if you can see one of the biggest lies in the entire process. Here is a clip from the most recent rejection letter for Widlene’s TRP dated April 12, 2018.

Did you catch it?

The email above states that one of the reasons for rejecting Widlene’s application is that there was no proof that we continued to make an effort to adopt her beyond 2011. The first email ends with the statement “At this time, Mr. Earle was exploring the adoption process with Ontario.”

So which is it. You say we are pursuing an adoption through the province to provide a pretext for Theressa Mills violating a hundred privacy laws and exposing us to danger. Then you say that we are not pursuing an adoption as a pretext to reject Widlene’s TRP application.

Ahmed, you cannot have it both ways!

Step 3 - The questions.

I want to end this episode with 2 very important questions that are generated from this “verification” process. Both questions have emerged out of a court ordered “long form” rejection letter from April 2018.

Here is the excerpt.

Vital Question 1

The email says that the documents were verified both in October 2017 and September 2018. Where is the verification document from Haiti? We have seen emails referring to the fact that it has been verified but nothing from Haiti. If the entire case hangs on this document, I would personally like to see it. I would also think that the court would like to see it too.

Vital Question 2

Let’s assume that the statement was true and they did verify the document. If they had it verified in October 2017, why bother having it verified again in September 2018? If it has been verified, it has been verified. Why do it a second time? And why was Kent Francis looking for a Plan B months after it was supposedly verified. How was the Immigration Director now aware of this mysterious “verification” document?

Lying is complicated Ahmed. It is more complicated when you lies put a little girl’s life at risk. It is even more complicated when that little girl’s father made a promise to protect her!

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