Rolling the Dice - 5 of 10

Today’s episode is a touchy one. The amount of political interference that Hussen and his minions have had on the immigration process is well documented. In the last 4 episodes, I have barely scratched the surface. They have continually lied and perpetrated deception on every possible level. They have broken their own guidelines, they have broken the law and they have thrown ethics and morals out the window. If you have read the last four episodes, you will have seen that this is not a conspiracy theory. This is real. The paper trail is undeniable unequivocal.

But is that all? Well, let’s see.

There is one last arena that remains. One final opportunity for the government operatives to get their dirty fingers into the process.

Here is where I want to make sure that I am clear and that I am treading lightly.

A few days before our trial on the 13th, there will be a judge selected to hear the case. This process is unbiased and independent of both sides represented in the trial.

In the region that this trial is being conducted, I am told that there are a dozen or so judges that may be called upon to hear this case and render a decision. Interestingly enough, there are published numbers on how each of these individuals have ruled on cases… specifically on immigration appeals.

Here is where the scenario gets truly weird.

There is one judge who has granted less than 3% of appeal requests and nearly always upholds the original decision of IRCC. All of the other judges average an 86% granting of appeals.

I am not saying that Hussen and/or IRCC and going to try to influence the selection of the judge. What I am saying is that it would be pretty interesting if we were to “magically” get the one who almost never upholds the appeal request.

I will say this… our case is a very strong. Every sane and intelligent human being that has review this case has seen the unreasonableness of IRCC and the unethical involvement of Minister Ahmed Hussen. The only way left for them to mess with our outcome would be to attempt to mess with the judge selection and try and get a judge that seems to hate children and immigrants. Obviously, that would not happen as we have a solid separation of powers.

It is, however, something to think about.

I did this episode tonight because we will hear who is the judge in the next day or two and I wanted this on the record before it happens. In other words, I would love my blog to desuade IRCC from trying to interfere any further.

Time will tell.

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