Time Machines Part Two - 4 of 10

As this series chugs along, my hope is that you will see beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Ahmed Hussen is corrupt to the core. I can actually handle this revelation a little easier than the realization that he has dragged numerous staffers into his mess with him. So many decent people are stuck having to choose between being loyal to their boss or doing the right and ethical thing. I am by no means excusing their actions but I do feel badly for them.

That being said, the subject of this episode has likely implicated more people than any other piece of this puzzle. Immigration staff in Ottawa, Mexico and Haiti were required for this particular deception. Not to mention the Haitian Government employees that were bribed by Immigration Canada to play along. This one goes deep.

Here we go...

In 2009, a well meaning lawyer had a fraudulent birth certificate made for Widlene as a favour to her family. He believed that without ID, there was no way her adoption to us would ever go through. This birth certificate has become the centerpiece of Hussen’s attack on Widlene. I did include a letter from an expert proving the fraudulent nature of this document in episode 1 which you can read here.

Below is the actual fake birth certificate that has been around since 2009. It should be noted that Haitian birth certificates all look exactly like this one. They are handwritten and do not contain photos. There are many issues with this document but the main one is the issue date. It is a Saturday, December 30. Interestingly, all Haitian government offices are closed between Christmas and New Year and never open on Saturdays. IRCC actually acknowledged this for 8 years but flipped their position when Hussen decided that he didn’t want a “white family rescuing a black child.” (Actual quote)

Once the Director of Immigration at the Mexican embassy realized that we would not be accepting this nonsense document as proof that Widlene was born in Haiti, he ordered a “Plan B.” I would have thought that they could have done better, but nonetheless, here is what they came up with. (in 2 pieces - sorry).

Yep. You aren’t wrong. This is basically the exact same info as on the first fake birth certificate with three major differences….

Difference #1 - Typed

Unlike 100% of other Haitian birth certificates, the geniuses in the Canadian Immigration department thought that typing the fake information might make it look more official and somehow validate it. Yes, this is officially the only typed Haitian birth certificate in history up to this point. Groundbreaking really. FAIL

Difference #2 - ID Card of Dumalex

Dumalex is Widlene’s uncle. His sister was Widlene’s biological mother. He is also a good friend of mine and is absolutely thrilled that we adopted his beautiful niece. Despite a sworn affidavit from Dumalex, his mother and Widlene’s sister, IRCC still says that Dumalex is mistaken and he actually is Widlene’s father. Despite him offering a DNA test, Hussen still thinks that he is right and all of Widlen’s family is wrong about this. Brilliant. The beauty of the ID card that they added to the new fake document is that they messed up a couple of little details. Mainly, he was living in Dominican Republic for several years at the date of this alleged document and did not have any Haitian ID. He had, and only had, a Dominican Driver’s License and nothing more… oops. Just a little research could have avoided this embarrassment Ahmed.

Difference #3 - Widlene’s Photo

The photo that has been added to the Birth Certificate is a lovely one. I would know as I was the one that took it. In Dominican Republic, over a month later than it was allegedly "printed" on this birth certificate. This is a pic that we took and submitted to IRCC (then CIC) with her Visa application in 2009. That application, as you might remember, included the original fake birth certificate.

So. Let’s summarize Hussen’s use of time machines on this one…

  • He went back in time and had a document typed when no other such document had ever been typed in that country

  • He went back in time and got Dumalex an ID document in a country that he hadn’t been to in over 10 years at that time

  • He somehow changed the course of history and turned an uncle into a father without any family members knowing… including uncle/father

  • He went forward in time and got a picture that was yet to be taken and brought it back to the past and added it to a document that was yet to be applied for. Then he went back to the future and registered the document nine years after it wasn’t produced

Marty McFly would be proud of you Ahmed.

Seriously, I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.




All for what? To keep an innocent child out of a country that allegedly wants her? Good one Ahmed.

That was just volume 4.

As always, feel free to help us cover the cost of bringing these clowns to some semblance of accountability in Federal Court on January 13th. We have a lot to raise.

Here is the link to contribute.

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