Time Machines Part One - 3 of 10

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

Adolph Hitler

This is the part of the series where you will go from shaking your head to likely cursing and swearing. If I wasn't presenting actual documents that contain hard evidence and signatures, I would not believe that Canada's Minister of Immigration would attempt a deception on such a high level.

As you have seen by now, Ahmed Hussen wants Widlene's case off his desk. His legal council has told him that the best way to do that is to contest her statelessness. Simply put, he believes that if Widlene is proven to be Haitian born, then she qualifies for a Haitian national adoption and not a TRP from his office. The means by which IRCC has attempted to do this is through pretending to "verify" the authenticity of a fake Haitian Birth Certificate. When this ultimately failed, they actually had a "new" fake Haitian Birth Certificate produced to cover their first lie. From there, it has been one cover up after another. (I will display the new fake later in the week)

In this volume of the series, I want to expose the first of three "time machine" incidents. I call them this because, in their deception, they got the dates wrong, thus needing a time machine to actually make their point plausible.

The First Time Machine

On September 28th 2017, we were issued our first rejection letter for a TRP application. Not for nothing, but that letter came to us exactly seven days after the Prime Minister assured us that Widlene would be issued the visa. (No shock there) The important thing is the date. The file was rejected on September 28, 2017. We did not appeal this decision so the case was officially closed. Reasons were given for the rejection that had absolutely nothing to do with Widlene's nationality or birth country. In fact, recorded communication with Senior Case Manager, Lisa Cheskes clearly shows that IRCC and the Minister accepted that Widlene is indeed stateless as are all Haitians born in Dominican Republic.

Here is a screen shot of that letter....

On January 4th 2018, We submitted a second TRP application. Again, the date is the important part here. From the end of September 2017 to the beginning of 2018, we had no open application to IRCC of any kind. There was no open file for Widlene.

On April 12th 2019, we received a rejection letter for our second TRP application. In it, the visa officer said that one of the reasons for rejection was that Widlene was indeed born in Haiti. They referred to the fraudulent birth certificate but went on to say that, in response to this application, they had the document authenticated in.... wait for it..... OCTOBER 2017.

In case you can't believe it.....

Did you catch that?

We applied in 2018 for a TRP. In response to that application, IRCC "verified the authenticity" of a fake document. Their verification happened 3 months before we submitted the application.

That is a neat trick.

There are a few issues when you break the law and try and cover it up with lies. Most importantly, however, you really need to make sure that your lies are solid or someone will notice. In this case, the person that noticed was the person with the literal GUN TO HIS HEAD!

Am I saying that Ahmed Hussen had his underlings produce fraudulent documents as a pretext to reject Widlene's TRP application? I didn't just say it. I proved it.

Tomorrow I am going to show you a printed document that contains a photo that I took 2 months after the document containing the picture was "printed".

Also a neat trick!

As always, if you are able to contribute to our court fight, please click the link to the gofundme page. The hearing is on the 13th and we need to raise a pile of cash.

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