Plan B - 2 of 10

This volume of the series should be pretty short. I have grabbed two screenshots that should pretty much tell the story. Two documents that say a lot about fairness, integrity and interference.

I will briefly explain…

The first pic is called “Plan B.” This is from an email thread that we received (reluctantly) as a result of a court order against IRCC. They redacted most of the 135 pages but it looks like they missed this bit. This is an email from Kent Francis (Canadian Embassy,Mexico) to Shauna Parr (Canadian Embassy, Haiti) in which he is addressing IRCC’s attempts to verify a fake Birth Certificate and Passport that incorrectly state that Widlene was born in Haiti. Shauna supplied Kent with a second fake document to verify the first one (next update) and Kent knows this. We know that Kent has seen an official letter from a Haitian adoption expert stating that the docs are unequivocally fraudulent. It is important to note that Kent is not the Visa Officer reviewing the case. He is a Director and reports directly to Hussen, but he sees fit to invest numerous hours into this file. Because he knows that the docs are fake, he pushes back on Shauna stating that we will certainly reject the Birth Certificate. He simply states that they might have to move to “Plan B” to secure Haitian Citizenship. MEANING…. Their goal has always been to falsely claim that she was born in Haiti and NOT to actually get to the truth. Incidentally, prior to this email, Kent had seen 7 different sworn affidavits verifying that Widlene was born in DR. Yes Kent, we might contest your lies… good call.

The second screenshot is just for fun, to prove how badly Kent needed a Plan B. It is from a signed letter from a Haitian adoption expert proving that the Birth Certificate is a fraud. Wait, not just an adoption expert, but one of the authors of Haiti’s current adoption legislation… no big deal.

The point? IRCC (Hussen) had decided that they needed this file rejected before the Visa Officer had a chance to render a verdict. They had a Director put time and effort into building up a false claim to disqualify Widlene. This Director reports directly to Hussen. Interference? More like abuse and fraud.


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