The Court Date and the Double Standard 1 of 10

This is the first in the series, "10 Things You Need to Know Before our Hearing." I will keep this top 10 list as concise as possible. I thought that a good starting point should be the court date itself.

Last June we were given a list of about 6 deadlines for various filings and responses. These deadline, as was made very clear to me, we rigid and non-negotiable. There are no extensions or grace periods with Federal Court. If we were to miss a filing deadline, we just lost the opportunity to file that information and would have to proceed as if it didn’t exist. Fair enough.

The last date that was assigned to us in June was the hearing date or November 18th. I wasn’t happy that we had to wait so long but it I was told it was just a formula. 20 days to file, 10 to respond, etc…. Add it all up and the hearing date was the result.

The biggest deadline for the Department of Justice (representing Hussen) was late August. This was the day that they had to file the backbone of their argument. The day came and went and they didn’t file leaving us in a state of guaranteed victory. With nothing filed, there was nothing for us to respond to and/or fight them on. AWESOME!

Well, it was awesome until 6 weeks later when they decided to file their arguments after eating up 100% of our allotted time to respond. Of course, this filing couldn’t possibly be accepted by the unbiased Federal Court, right? Yeah, about that rule. Evidently that one is a little pliable as long as you are on the right side of the court… or “left” side I guess, in this case.

So, after the Court decided to chuck the rules out the window and let Hussen’s posse run amuck, we were given a whole new set of deadlines. Same list that we were given in June with one notable exception… we were not given a hearing date. It appeared that the “delay of game” stunt was the perfect play to drag this on into oblivion and perpetuity. After all, we know that IRCC is trolling my Facebook posts so they know exactly the trouble that we are having raising the funds for court. They would also know that every month that they can delay this costs us over $7000. What better way to make us go away than to simply run us out of cash until we have to drop the case due to the inability to pay the fees. No matter who we asked, we could not get a hearing date, a thing that should have been simple math based on all the other deadlines.

That all changed on December 10th. If you follow the story, you will know that is the day that the deportation forces in DR pursued Widlene and I with weapons drawn. On that night, I did a live video update and said, “They are playing with the separation of powers and refusing us a court date to deliberately interfere with the process and the outcome.”

Are you ready?

We received a January 13 hearing date 1 hour and 45 minutes after I said that line. A little close to home Ahmed?

Am I saying that the political operatives have power over the judiciary system? No, I am not saying that. Are you?

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