Dear Canada, Why Can't I Come Home?

Dear Canada, Why can’t I come home?

I know the whole “I Am Canadian” speech word for word. I’m the first in line to get my face painted red and white on July 1st. I am the girl cheering loud and proud, wearing my hockey jersey, come Boxing Day when our youth step onto that ice to represent our country.

I am proud to be Canadian.

Growing up, Canada taught me that I was free to be anything that I wanted to be. Canada provided me a safe place to be educated and encouraged me to chase my dreams. Canada was my home and I was proud to be part of that family.

I got to thinking, what does home mean to me? Home means a place of love and acceptance. A home is a place of security. But does home need to be a location? Can we have those things without being in one place?

Canadian freedoms gave me an opportunity to travel. I graciously represented Canada and showed the world that it is not just a stereotype, Canadians really are that nice. I helped the less fortunate while sharing the message that Canada cares.

In my travels I was also honored to find the answer to my question. I found love, acceptance and security. Through a father-daughter combo, I found home and they became my family.

My family is now in danger. Canada, we preach about helping those in need and we pride ourselves in providing a safe haven. So why now when Canadians need you most, do you turn your back? Why can’t my children feel safe? Why can’t they know the true north strong and free? Why are you making me choose between them and you? You may be able to sleep at night turning your back on your family but I refuse to.

I love poutine, maple syrup and Tim Hortons. I stand in awe at the base of the Rocky Mountains. I smile every time I see a caribou, beaver or a loon; on money or in the wild.

I was proud to be Canadian.

Dear Canada, Why can’t I come home?

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