Trudeau on Protests

Last summer, our fearless leader was interviewed by Spiegel while in Germany. I normally just pass over all the drivel that spills from this guy but I couldn't help but notice a particular paragraph in the transcript. Now, before you get too excited, we all know that this man is a walking contradiction between words and actions, so don't hold your breath for anything new here.

One of the most important things in any leader or in any successful approach is to focus on connecting with people and really listening to them. We shouldn't just be saying, oh yes, the people are protesting. We need to ask them why they are protesting and try and figure out if there is something we can do to bring them in and respond to those concerns. That's not populism -- that's being thoughtfully open to the fact that our citizens are allowed to have, and are even justified in having, very real concerns and questions for the people responsible for serving them. Excluding citizens' voices from politics leads down a very bad path.

Excluding citizens' voices from politics leads down a very bad path? To date, there have been over 750,000 emails sent to Parliament Hill requesting the permission to #BringWidleneHome and I would venture a guess that several hundred thousand of them have gone to the PMO.

The people have spoken Justin. The only person ignoring their voices are you and your Minister of Immigration.

Well, on April 11, let's see if the Prime Minister is ready tp practice what he is preaching.

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