Trudeau spins yet another tale

Tonight a good friend, Jonathan Bloomfield, confronted Justin Trudeau with the question of Widlene coming to Canada. Every single word out of Trudeau’s mouth in the exchange was either a veiled deception or a flat out lie. Don’t take my word for it. Below is a transcript of the conversation. It is a little difficult to read because of JT’s oratory issues, but you should get the general idea.

Jon: When will Widlene be able to shake your hand?

Trudeau: Uh…. listen, they’ve got to get the paperwork done…

Jon: They’ve got the paperwork done…

Trudeau: (interrupting) No they haven’t got the paperwork done. They have not got the paperwork done. They can’t, they can’t prove that it was a legal adoption and that’s, that’s the problem that we face right now. We face the issue that Canada is a signatory to international conventions, has to, cus we don’t want Canadian families going taking babies from other places, we can agree that’s a bad thing.. Right? So we have rules that says you have to prove it was a legal adoption, and they’re having trouble doing that, and we’re working….

Jon: The problem is the statelessness issue…

Trudeau: We’re working hard to try and get around it, but it’s not as easy as, uh, as, as, as they would like to think it is, unfortunately, but we are continuing to work with them.

Jon: But they were reassured….. [Trudeau walks away.]

To recap….

Paperwork - Done and received by the government with receipts.

Legal Adoption - Impossible due to statelessness, however we are legal guardians.

International Conventions - I can name 12 that compel Canada to provide Widlene access.

Taking Babies - Really? Eight years of history and legal guardianship.

Working on it - Nope

Trudeau made a promise and now, for some reason, he is trying to back out of it.

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