Just Another Week

The last seven days have been interesting and eventful, to say the least. No one ever imagined that we would be late into September and still in Dominican Republic, but here we are.

Since the excuse of the week is “best interests of the child,” I thought I should let Justin Trudeau and Ahmed Hussen see a few highlights of Widlene’s week and how we managed to survive it.

  • While we were grocery shopping, Widlene was cornered and approached by an old man with ill intentions. (Don’t worry JT and AH, I waited for him outside and “addressed” the situation…. I know you are concerned)

  • One of Widlene’s seven-year-old friends confessed to her that he mom was pimping her out. She is turning tricks for $1.50. Widlene came to us and asked how we could help the girl. (ps: this is what “best interest of the child” really looks like)

  • Widlene was doing a live Facebook update with several hundred live viewers. While she was talking, a predator came on and made several inappropriate and suggestive comments. (All good JT and AH, our supporters took care of that guy.)

  • I guess I should mention the Cat 4 Hurricane that ripped through here claiming several lived throughout the Caribbean. (Not to worry JT and AH, we were well prepared for the Cat 4 by the Cat 5 from two weeks ago.)

  • We dodged 2 deportation roadblocks in the last weeks.

  • Homeschooling is going well. (Yeah, she is homeschooling because going to an actual school isn’t safe anymore JT and AH.)

It wouldn’t be fair for me to leave it right there. I mean, if we are reviewing Widlene’s week, we should also take a look at the highlights from our government’s progress to #BringWidleneHome:

  • Last Saturday, we got to watch Ahmed Hussen literally run out of his own event when approached by our supporters. When he finally gave a quote to the reporters, he quoted information that was months old and talked about rules that had nothing to do with the case.

  • Monday we were scheduled to receive a follow up call from AH’s assistant. That didn’t happen.

  • Monday we were scheduled to receive a follow up call from an IRCC rep. That didn’t happen.

  • On Tuesday we spoke with a government “international adoption” expert. She was unfamiliar with the term “stateless.”

  • On Tuesday we were scheduled to receive a follow up call from one of JT’s senior advisors. That didn’t happen.

  • Trudeau gave a speech to the UN. Yes, the UN. The body that has developed and ratified numerous international instruments to protect children, refugees, stateless people and all marginalized people groups and individuals (all of which Canada has signed and is now violating). The irony of this is not lost on me.

The facts are pretty clear….

  • Widlene is in immediate danger.

  • The Canadian government has NO interest in protecting her.

But here are a few more facts that should be noted….

  • Over 250,000 emails have been sent to IRCC and MPs on Widlene’s behalf.

  • Our number of supporter is growing.

  • All Canadian media are interested in this story now.


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